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OVBS 2014 July 19

Psalms 24:1 -  "The earth is the Lord's, and all its fullness; The world and those who dwell therein"

As announced at church, the 2014 OVBS will be held on July 19, 20, 26, and 27th. If you have not yet signed up and you are interested in attending OVBS or volunteering on any of the days, please email Sunday School Principal. This will help the Sunday School arrange materials for the students ahead of OVBS. If you are unable to email ahead, don't worry about it. Please feel free to join on any  or all the days you are interested in attending the OVBS.
Tshirts: Those who have signed up, will receive a Tshirt from the Diocese. If you haven't signed up for the Tshirt, Sunday School has ordered a couple of extra Tshirts and this will be given on a first-come basis. Please email Sunday School Principal if you are interested to reserve the Tshirt.
OVBS Finale: The finale is on the 4th day (July 27th) after lunch. The students will present skits and songs that they have learnt over the entire OVBS session.
OVBS Picnic: After the finale, weather permitting, we will have an OVBS picnic as in previous years. There will be sports activities organised during the OVBS picnic. 
OVBS Activities: There are many activities being planned along with sports sctivities. Also, we are trying to arrange a tour of either the church across the street or the firehouse two blocks away or municipal court for the students accompanied by the parents at the end of the day. More details on this to follow. This visit will be at the end of the day. Those not interested, can pick their kids and take them home at the end of the day. 
Food: Breakfast will be provided till 9:15am.  Lunch, snacks, juices, ice-cream, smoothies, ... will be provided during the day. If your child can not have these, please feel free to send in your child's food/drinks.
Sponsors: We have been always blessed to have a lot of volunteers and food sponsors coming forward to help. If you would like to contribute by paying towards one of the items planned already, please  inform Sunday School Principal. All items have been purchased/ordered but you can contribute by paying towards sponsoring an item on the purchased/ordered list.
Please email Sunday School Principal Kiran Prakash at if you have any questionsWe had a blessed OVBS Day yesterday. 

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