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Mathew Cherian - The Raffle Winner for Badminton Tournment - 2014

We have a raffle winner who came forward with the ticket , Mathew Cherian (Abey) from Watchung, NJ has won this raffle ..

Communication from Siju Paul

Dear Ria, Rachel, Sophia, Olivia, Angelina, Ashely, Grace (Sanju's daughter), Catherine (Deepu's daughter), Alessa, Sarah and Aimy

Fantabulous job with Raffle Ticket sale. You sold 134 tickets and collected $268 for the church. Thank you very much for your help. You all took turns and were very nice to each other as well as others.

The winning ticket number was 407091 and Mathew Cherian, Watchung , NJ.  Attached is his photo getting the racquet from Vijay Achen.

Awesome! Thank you again.


Badminton Team

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