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In association with: Sts. Basilios-Gregorios Orthodox Church 9 Mercer Ave, North Plainfield NJ 07060 | | Vicar: Rev. Fr.
  Men's Singles:Winner: Osama Abid (NJ)
We have a raffle winner who came forward with the ticket , Mathew Cherian (Abey) from Watchung, NJ has won this raffle .. Communication from Siju Paul

Upcoming Events

Jayaram Show 2015 Sep. 13, 2015

Our Purpose

The purpose of Sts. Basilios-Gregorios Orthodox Church of Central Jersey is to transform the lives of our community to be a reflection of Jesus Christ. (St. Matthew 5:48)

Our vision and means of accomplishing His purpose is to be a church founded on the Malankara Orthodox Faith that will work to:

Our Vicar



Rev. Fr. Mathew C. Chacko is the founding pastor of Saints Basilios-Gregorios Orthodox Church of Central Jersey [SBGOC].  Achen celebrated the first Holy Qurbana for the congregation on Sunday October 1, 2000, the Feast day of Saint Basilios of Kothamangalam.  He has been leading the congregation ever since.

Our Assistant Vicar

Rev. Fr. Vijay Abraham Thomas was born and raised in the New York/New Jersey Area, son of  Rev. Fr. T. A. Thomas and Mrs. Annamma Thomas, He has recently been appointed as the Assistant Vicar of Saints Basilios-Gregorios Orthodox Church of Central New Jersey

Mathews Achen's presence during the Consecration of St. Thomas Orthodox Church on May 16 2014

Email Message from Rev. Dr. C.C.Mathews Achen
Dear Yohannan Cor-Episcopa Achen:
On behalf of Saints Basilios-Gregorios Orthodox Church of Central Jersey, 9 Mercer Ave., North Plainfield, NJ 07060 - <>, I would like to thank you for your kind invitation to participate in the Consecration ceremonies of your newly built beautiful Church in Levittown, Long Island, New York.

Message from Vijay Achen

Thank you to John Malek and Family.

Information on Funeral of Barnabas Thirumeni.

The History of the Indian (Malankara) Orthodox Church


Catholicate of the East
The Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church was founded by St. Thomas, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ, who came to India in A.D. 52.

At least from the fourth century the Indian Church entered into a close relationship with the Persian or East Syrian Church. From the Persians, the Indians inherited East Syrian language and liturgies and gradually came to be known as Syrian Christians.

In the sixteenth century Roman Catholic missionaries came to Kerala. They tried to unite the Syrian Christians to the Roman Catholic Church and this led to a split in the community. Those who accepted Catholicism are the present Syro-Malabar Catholics. Later Western Protestant missionaries came to Kerala and worked among Syrian Christians; That also created certain splits in the community.

In the seventeenth century the Church came to a relationship with the Antiochene Church which again caused splits. As a result of this relationship the Church received West Syrian liturgies and practices.

The Church entered into a new phase of its history by the establishment of the Catholicate in 1912.

At present the Church is using the West Syrian liturgy. The faith of the Church is that which was established by the three Ecumenical Councils of Nicea (A.D. 325), Constantinople (A.D. 381) and Ephesus (A.D. 431).

The Church is in communion with the other Oriental Orthodox Churches namely, Antiochene, Alexandrian, Armenian, Eritrean and Ethiopian Orthodox Churches. The Church is in good ecumenical relationship with the Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Protestant Churches.

At present the Church has over 2 million faithful with 24 dioceses all over the world.  (courtesy of

Worshipping Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

Believers gather in the Church and, they worship God by offering prayers to Him as a group. Through Worship, they come into union with God. In that union, Christ is the head and Church(congregation)is the body. Church (congregation) is holy and it exists both on earth and in heaven.

The Holy Land

The Holy Land (Hebrew: ארץ הקודש‎; Eretz HaQodesh ; Arabic: الأرض المقدسة Al-Ard Al-Muqaddasah) is a term which in Judaism refers to the Kingdom of Israel as defined in the Tanakh. For Jews, the Land's identification of being Holy is defined in Judaism by its differentiation from other lands by virtue of the practice of Judaism often possible only in the Land of Palestine. The term "Holy Land" is also used by Muslims and Christians to refer to the whole area in between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea.

Orthodox and Community Calendar

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