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Pesaha - Rev. Fr. Saji Amayil Hosanna - Rev. Fr. Saji Amayil Easter 2016 Good Friday 2016
Palm Sunday 2016 SBGOC_Deacon Alex Ordination_03 19 2016 Following Orders - Vijay Achen What is Freedom? - Vijay Achen
A Heart to Give - Fr. Vijay Thomas Be a Blessing - Fr. Mathew C. Chacko Perunal - Fr. Eldo Elias 14th Church Anniversary Celebrations October 2014 - Photos by Siju Paul
Psalms 31 Psalms 30 Psalms 29 Psalms 28
Psalms 27 Psalms 26 Badminton Tournament - 2014 - Photos by Mathew Cherian (Abey) Faith? - Fr. Mathew C. Chacko
Badminton Tournament - 2014 Living in Wait - Fr. Vijay Thomas The Sweet Life - Fr. Vijay Thomas Onam Celebrations 2014 - Photos by Siju Paul
Onam Celebrations 2014 The Great Feast - Fr Vijay Thomas The Butterfly Change - Fr. Vijay Thomas Blinded by the Light - Fr. Vijay Thomas
Priorities? - Fr. Vijay Thomas His Grace Alexios Mar Eusebius Any Given Sunday - Fr. Vijay Thomas Mission - Alex Abraham
Our Mistakes & the Way forward - Fr. Vijay Thomas Neighbors - Fr. Mathew C. Chacko Fr. Boby Varghese Sunday School Prize Distribution - 2014
His Grace Zachariah Mar Nicholovos Acolytes Are Inducted on June 1st 2014 Winning the War - Fr Vijay Thomas Victorious - Fr. Vijay Thomas
Winning the War - Fr Vijay Thomas Winning the War - Fr Vijay Thomas Winning the War - Fr Vijay Thomas The Road We All Travel - Fr. Vijay Thomas
Postponing Tonight's Youth Fellowship Follow Me - Fr. PK Thomas Mother's Day - May 11 2014 Success, Failure, and God - Fr. Vijay Thomas
New Beginnings - Alex Abraham The Challenge of the Resurrection - Fr. Vijay Thomas Good Friday Devotional by Valsa Mathew Good Friday Devotional by Robin Mathew
Why the Qurbana? - Fr. Vijay Thomas The Future of our Parish - Palm Sunday - Fr. Vijay Thomas Attack on Church and Scripture - Fr. Vijay Thomas Rest and the Sabbath - Fr. Vijay Thomas
Keep Going - Fr. Vijay Thomas Zeal - Fr. Vijay Thomas Healing - Fr Vijay Thomas Instructions for Beginning Great Lent - Fr. Vijay Thomas
The Mystery of the Departed - Fr. T. A. Thomas The Difficult Choice: Forgiveness The Forgotten Virtue - Fr. Vijay Thomas Message by Rev. Fr C.C. Mathews - Jan 19 2014
The Call of All Christians - Fr. Mathew C. Chacko Following Jesus - Fr. Vijay Thomas The Key to a New Year - Fr. Vijay Thomas Sunday After Christmas - Alex Abraham
Christmas - Fr. Vijay Thomas Sunday School Christrmas Celebrations - 2013 Highlights of Christmas Caroling - 2013 We will not worry... - Fr. Vijay Thomas
Faith and Action - Alex Abraham The Need for Weakness - Fr. Vijay Thomas Magnificat - Rev. Dr. Baby Varghese Bearing Christ - Fr. Mathew C. Chacko
Knock Knock - Fr. Vijay Thomas The Right Path - Fr. Vijay Thomas Truth Hidden from the Eyes - Fr. Vijay Thomas MGOCSM - The Coffee House October 2013
Perunal 2013 - Fr. Timothy (Tenny) Thomas The Day before Perunnal 2013 - Fr. Timothy (Tenny) Thomas The 7th Day - His Grace Yuhanon Mar Meletius Birthday Celebrations During Onam Feast
Onam 2013 Gallery Onam Sadhya 2013 Onam from a Christian Perspective - Fr. Vijay Thomas The Power of the Cross - Fr. Vijay Thomas
OVBS Finale - Part two Love & Church - Fr. Vijay Thomas


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