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2017 Lenten Retreats

 1. Lenten Retreat with Rev. Fr. Philip C. Abraham 

The New Jersey Area Orthodox Churches hosted a blessed Lenten Retreat led by Rev. Fr. Philip C. Abraham at Saints Basilios-Gregorios Orthodox Church.  It was a wonderful message that challenged all those present to grow in their spirituality and relationship with God.  Here is the video of that talk: https://youtu.be/HahUGRCTDM4
2. Lenten Retreat with Rev. Fr. Alexander Kurien 
SBGOC had a special parish Lenten Retreat this year led by Rev. Fr. Alexander Kurien.  The message was a poignant reminder about our own frailty and our need for God.  Here is a video of that talk: https://youtu.be/2qnLjthvtKI


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