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Message from the Secretary - Dec. 22, 2012

Dear SBGOC Members & Patrons –


Please note below some pressing SBGOC Announcements for this coming weekend……


1.      Please note the following timings for Christmas / New Years’:
a) Christmas Sunday School Program – Sunday, Dec 23rd at 2pm
b) Christmas Service – Monday, Dec 24th at 6:30pm
c) New Years’ Service – Tuesday, Jan 1st at 10:00 am

2.      As the traditional Christmas meal is a community-driven affair in SBGOC, if you haven’t had a chance to do so yet, please remit $25 to Sunny Jacob or Jacob Easo at the earliest.

Also, please note that the CMC ’12 is trying to secure food sponsors for January of next year to enable a smoother transition to the CMC ’13.  There are a couple of open dates for Jan at this time, the most pressing one being Jan 1st.   Also, those of you have special occasions that you’d like to serve food for in 2013, please let us know as soon as possible and we will start blocking out those dates right away.

Please see Jacob Easo or Sunny Jacob to pick one of these 2013 dates, while they transition to CMC ’13 over the new year.

3.      The Treasurer also informs me that there are several accounts in arrears with respect to the following:
a) Souvenir Advertisement balances ($200 per family per page)
b) Family Portraits
c) Subscriptions ($1,000 for 2012 fiscal calendar year)
d) Martha Maria Samajam Auction proceeds
e) Church Building Fund pledge ($6,000 over 3 years, since membership was granted)

As you can appreciate, we desperately need these funds now to be able to balance our books and pay off all short-term loans, as we’re marching into our very own fiscal cliff on Dec 31st, 2012.  The subscription arrears have been posted on the Notice Board for your review.  For all other arrears please contact Shajan directly.

4.      I’d like to thank all the families and especially the youth who actively participated in this year’s Christmas carol program.  It has certainly been very encouraging to watch the general body step up and tackle the previous dearth of participants with gusto.

We are very close to meeting the Carol budget target to help bridge a portion the $30k financial shortfall and we’re hopeful that with all of your benevolent contributions we can make a significant dent in being able to meet our obligations.

We request that member families who were not able to welcome the Carol troupe this year due to scheduling conflicts and other valid reasons, please continue to support us by contributing to the Carol program.  We need your help to hit our financial targets.

Most folks pay us to stop singing, so the families that didn’t hear us make a racket should consider themselves lucky and make the largest contributions.

5.      All parents are requested to bring a small gift (one that will fit in Santa’s bag) for their children.  The cost of each individual gift is not to exceed $10.  If you are inviting any guests w/ kids, please bring gifts for their children as well – we don’t want any kids to be left out.

Santa will be paying a personal visit to our Parish at the end of the Sunday School Christmas program on Sunday, Dec 23rd and will hand out the gifts along w/ some holiday cheers to our children.

Please write the name of the child on the gift in a conspicuous location, so our bespectacled and aging Santa can locate it easily.


Thank You.


Kind Regards,


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