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Announcements - 8/4/2013

Announcements - 8/4/2013


No. 178/2013: Kalpana from Catholicos

Orthodox Calendar                                                                                  

Aug 4th

Eleventh Sunday After Pentecost

Aug 11th

First Sunday After Trans-figuration


Alan Puthenchira

Joshua Joji

Alyssa Koshy

Pritty Rachel Varghese

Bipin Varughese Mathew



1.       Yesterday, we had the prayer meeting at Mathews Achen’s and Kochamma’s house. We had a better than usual strength for the prayer. Want to thank everyone who could make yesterday and those who could not make it yesterday, we hope to see you at the next prayer meeting. Thank you Achen & Kochamma for opening your home for conducting the prayers.

2.      As most of you know, Kevin Thomas, Biju & Bindu’s son is admitted at CHOP hospital undergoing the second dose of Chemotherapy. Biju & Bindu has asked to convey that, we should avoid visiting Kevin in the hospital as his immunity is very low and he is prone to getting sick from visitors. The best thing you can do at this time is, remembering Kevin, Biju, Bindu and kids in your prayers. The Sunday School has planned these along with Biju & Bindu.

  • We will be sending every single day from today daily notes, pictures, songs, letters, posters so that Kevin receives one of these every day from his friends back here. We have already our senior, intermediate and juniors Sunday School kids making this every day. 
  • A prayer conference call starting from today at 8:30 PM every day. Kevin will join when he can. Conference Dial-in Number: (605) 475-4700  Participant Access Code: 274972#
  • And when Kevin's chemotherapy will be over in 4 months and we are planning an prayer activity for him, with him in person

Please encourage your kids to be part of these and this is how we can show our kids, how we can all come together as group and pray. Please encourage your kids to make handmade notes, pictures or write letters or record songs that they would like to share with Kevin. This will be collected every Sunday and will be posted by Kiran every day for that week. For this coming week, these is what our kids have made.

3.     OVBS dates as announced earlier are August 17, 18 and August 24, 25. As part of the SBGOC Sunday School OVBS 2013, the Sunday School is planning to take the interested students and family members to the theater show 'Noah' on Aug 10, this coming Saturday at Lancaster, PA. The show is at 1:00pm. This is open for everyone at the Church. Please make the payment thru check in favor of SBGOC, so that we can secure the tickets at the group rate.

4.     There will be MGOCSM meeting today after lunch. All MGOSM members are request to be join for this.

5.     If you haven’t had a chance to pay the subscription for this year, please do so as soon as possible to Mathew Cherian.  Also, there are two signup sheets, one for fans at the cafeteria and one for a table tennis table. Please contribute generously for these. Please see Saji Thomas to find about the Picnic Auction dues and make this payment as soon as possible.


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