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Announcements - 06/02/2013

Announcements - 06/02/2013





Orthodox Calendar                                                                                  

June 2nd

Second Sunday After Pentecost

June 9th

Third Sunday After Pentecost

June 16th

Apostles' Lent Starts, Fourth Sunday After Pentecost


Special Prayers                                                                                        

Dupe Prathana’s:

Mariamma Yohannan (Marykutty’s Mother)

Other Special Occasions:
       Aaron Leon



Abigail Liz Thomas Mathew George
Annamma (Sally) Abraham Michael Abraham
Anne Simon Shaji Kulathinvial George
Joma P. Mathew Shibu Zachariah
Lila Aleyamma Phillips Simon John


Wedding Anniversaries                                                                           

Abey & Shinu Varghese

Arun & Shiny Arunalayam



Food (Lunch) Sponsor                                                                       

Rejo & Abha Johny



Cafeteria Volunteer                                                                             

 Reny Thomas & Family


General Announcements                                                                   

1.     Next Sunday June 9th, HG Zachariah Mar Nicholovas thirumeni, our Diocesan Metropolitan will be visiting our church.  On that day we will have the MGOCSM Missions team attend our parish before they travel to India.

2.     There was prayer meeting at Abey and Shinu’s house yesterday.

3.     SBGOC Raffle - The 6th drawing of our raffle for $250 Visa card will be held on June 9th.  Please give Valsen, the stubs of the sold raffle tickets.  

4.     SBGOC picnic date is June 29th. Please mark your calendars.

5.     The previous week was the Sunday school bake sale.  It is with great joy, I want to announce that the collection of the bake sale was $1350. I want to thank all the families that brought the items for sale, all the families that purchased. Thanks to Santhosh for conducting the pickle auction, we collected $500 thru auction itself. 

6.     If anyone has not had a chance to contribute towards the holy week charity, you can still do it till first week of June. As decided in the CMC the charity for this year go to Aiswarya homes and Prerana. 

7.     Sunday school Announcements – Today is the 12th Grade Centralized Exam. The proctor the exam is Mrs. Swapana from St. Gregorios Orthodox Church, Clifton, NJ. Binu Eapen is a proctor for this test at St. George Orthodox Church, Staten Island. Parish level, Sunday school competition will be held immediately after lunch today. Judges for these are Jacob Joseph and Shobha Jacob from St. Mary’s Linden.

8.     There will be a CMC meeting today immediately after lunch.




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