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About Our Guest Priest for Holy Week

ABOUT OUR GUEST PRIEST: Fr. Saji Varghese (Thomas Varghese) Amayil has been lecturer at the Orthodox Theological Seminary since 2007. He began his theological education at the Orthodox Theological Seminary at Kottayam where he completed the Graduate in Sacred Theology (diploma) and Bachelor in Divinity degree. He earned his Masters in Theology from the Tamil Nadu Theological Seminary at Madhurai.  His areas of teaching are Social Analysis, Christian Ethics, Theological Methodologies of the Margins, Justice Peace and Overcoming Violence, Women in Religion and Society, Creation, Ecology and Human Response Towards Inclusive Communities. Fr. Saji Amayil is also currently Secretary to the Orthodox Vaidika Sanghom and coordinator of Divyasandesham, the official organ of the Malankara orthodox church for media Evangelization. Fr. Amayil is also a member of the Parumala Seminary Council as well as the Managing Committee of the Malankara Orthodox Church. 

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